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Cross-type joints, the true heart of the wobble pump, offer the best solution currently available on the market. Cast-manufactured, highly durable and reliable, due to the high degree of engineering being achieved. Its special construction allows the axial loads and torques on the two axes of rotation to be split, ensuring only rotary movements of the pins that compose it. Its smaller dimensions mean that it can be replaced quickly.



The pump can be installed without a stand. This helps to reduce the overall dimensions and avoids additional costs. When necessary, stands, customized skids and trolleys can be provided, allowing the pump to be moved.


The parts in contact with the product can be manufactured from different materials in the R Series pumps, from the cast iron version (GG25) to stainless steel (AISI Type 304 and AISI Type 316) to bronze. However, the cast iron and bronze versions still have the rotating parts made from AISI Type 304 and AISI Type 316 stainless steel.

<strong>Low pulsating flows:</strong>

Very low pulsation and tensional stress.  The centrifugal effect is reduced to a minimum, due to its special design and the predominantly axial pump system.

<strong>Shaft seals:</strong>

The pump uses internal single mechanical seals as standard.  The seal is located inside the pump housing. This solution ensures the maximum heat exchange between the surface of the seal and the product being pumped, which gives the benefit of increased durability. Moreover, the position of the seal makes it much easier to keep clean, thus avoiding product residues that could negatively affect operating conditions. The housings are suitable for the installation of seals manufactured in accordance with ISO EN 12756.

<strong>Modular Design: </strong>

The R Series is based on a modular concept in every single feature: hydraulic parts, casings, seals, stands, supports and drive shafts.  Each component can be constructed in a number of variants without modifying the structure of the machine, thus maintaining standard key replacement components.




<strong>Performance: </strong>

Durability, reliability and low energy consumption. The R series successfully combines a compact size with high performance in one single product.


The R Series is designed to be versatile in all of its applications, which is why it can be arranged with options and accessories that are suitable for every application.  In addition to this, there are the benefits that the special characteristics of a cavity pump can naturally offer in pumping various kinds of fluids, fluids with low to very high viscosity, fluids free from or containing solids of various types and sizes.


All the drives installed on the R Series have been endurance-tested and have been subjected to strict and stringent technical testing.  We can install either electrical or hydraulic motors.

All models of electrical motor reducers and variators have certain features in terms of robustness, dimensions of the bearings and quality of the gears.

<strong>Efficiency: </strong>

The highest possible standards, exceptional operating efficiency due to its excellent volumetric efficiency, even at high pressures, and minimal energy consumption.  All the hydraulics on the R series have been calculated to ensure the best you can find anywhere on the market today.


Each component is manufactured to very stringent quality specifications. The finishing and the precision of each component are the starting point for every single pump built. All components are subject to specific controls according to their features and their functionality.


 The R Series is designed to ensure easy maintenance, with only a minimum number of replacement parts necessary.  In particular the cross-joint is easy to replace due to its reduced dimensions, enabling it to be completely replaced without having to replace shafts and rotors.  Maintenance costs are thus reduced.  The cost of the machine is also highly competitive, considering its entire life-cycle.



<strong>Cost / benefit :</strong>

higher Long life cost benefitDue to the compact size of its components, the RL Series successfully combines incomparable technical features with very competitive costs. Its modular design enables the right solution to be offered for each specific application, which avoids having to pay for any unnecessary features. All of which increases competitivity.


<strong>Priming abilities:</strong>

The special features of the hydraulic parts of the wobble pump allow excellent priming abilities (up to 4m). The pumps in the RL Series are designed to create the lowest possible pressure drop in the pump housing, due to the wide sections, a compact joint and its fluid dynamic design.  

<strong>Ease installation:</strong>


Easy installation: The RL Series pumps are easy to install, due to their compact size, their simplicity of operation and their operational flexibility, and the various fittings available.

<strong>Detailed documentation: </strong>

Each pump comes supplied with clear and detailed operating instructions.  All orders are handled by expert, qualified staff who, as part of each order, include detailed and specific documentation for the product supplied.

user-maintenance-manual for each pump



Brochure DH JH Reihe Industrie-Pumpe
Brochure DH JH Reihe Industrie-Pumpe

Brochure DH JH Reihe Industrie-Pumpe
Diamond Baureihe Exzenterschnecken
lang: Deutsch

Brochure DH JH Série avec trémie
Brochure DH JH Série avec trémie

Brochure DH JH Série avec trémie
Diamond Series Pompes à cavité progressive
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Brochure DH JH
Brochure DH JH

Brochure DH JH
Diamond Series Progressing Cavity Pumps
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Brochure DH JH con tramoggia
Brochure DH JH con tramoggia

Brochure DH JH con tramoggia
Diamond Series Pompe a Cavità Progressiva
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