class IE3 will become mandatory for engines from Jan.2015

from 1-Dec-14 until to 27-Aug-15



New Efficiency Classes- IE Codes
Saving energy has become worldwide increasingly important, so that the homogeneity of a universal system for efficiency classification of low voltage three-phase asynchronous motors was necessary. In March 2009, CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) which consists of EU countries members with the addition of Iceland, Norway and Switzerland has therefore in this respect implemented the new International Standard IEC 60034-30:2008 “Rotating electrical machines- Part 30: Efficiency classes of single-speed, three-phase, cage-induction motors (IE Code) “ by issuing EN 60034-30:2008.
Standard IEC 60034-30
IT COVERS 50 Hz and 60 Hz single-speed three-phase cage-induction motors that:

  • have a rated voltage UN up to 1000V
  • have a rated output PN between 0.75 kW and 375 kW
  • have either 2, 4 or 6 poles
  • are rated on the basis of either duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with a rated cyclic duration factor > 80%
  • are capable of operating direct on-line
  • are rated for operating conditions in accordance with IEC 60034-1, Clause 6

For motors up to 7.5kW the IE2 remains valid until 2017.

  • Motors with flanges, feet and/or shafts with mechanical dimensions different from IEC 60072-1
  • I Geared motors and brake motors, although special flanges or special shafts may be used in such motors.

The following motors are EXCLUDED:

  • 8 poles motors
  • motors made solely for converter operation in accordance with IEC 60034-25
  • motors completely integrated into a machine that cannot be tested separately from the machine.

This standard establishes the new international efficiency classes for three-phase asynchronous motors in:

( this class is currently under consideration)

Efficiency levels in accordance with IEC  60034-30 must be measured applying t


Norma IEC3 motori elettrici da Gennaio 2015


la classe IE3 diventerà obbligatoria per i motori con potenzanominale (PN) compresa tra 7,5 e 375kW  apartire dal Gennaio 2015,

Nel frattempo i motori di classe IE2 potranno essere utilizzati al posto dei motori IE3 solo se alimentati tramiteconvertitore o se hanno data di produzione antecedente al 2015.
Per i motori fino a 7,5kW rimane valida la IE2 fino al 2017.

Il Parlamento Europeo con la Direttiva 2005/32/CE ha istituito un quadro per l’elaborazione di specifiche in materia di progettazione eco-compatibile applicabile ai prodotti che consumano energia, specificando nel tempo i livelli di rendimento che le macchine vendute sul mercato europeo dovranno raggiungere.

RIGUARDA i motori definiti dalla norma IEC 60034-30 e sancisce l’obbligo di mettere in commercio i motori da alto rendimento secondo queste date: